Marketing At Orange County Fair Speedway

Exciting new marketing opportunities are available for the 2019 season at Orange County Fair Speedway. The Speedway has actively been involved with businesses looking to capitalize on the increasing exposure of their products and services to a captive audience. With thousands of people in attendance weekly and thousands more watching along online, there are many great opportunities to increase business by partnering with Orange County Fair Speedway. 

Connect With New Customers

If you are looking to expand your market reach and increase exposure, there are several options that will fit into your marketing budget. Partnering with Orange County Fair Speedway is more than just promoting your business, its an experience too. With options ranging from a division sponsor for the season, event sponsor for the night to naming rights of track facilities.

There are many different ways to have your company in front of fans weekly, be it on large billboards and banners around the track or announcements during the night from the speedway announcer your name won’t be missed. To top it off you can bring your clients or employees to a night of racing with a VIP experience and build lasting memories and relationships.

Billboards And Banners

Billboards and Banners are one of the best ways to be in front of thousands of people on a weekly basis. Trackside marketing is one of the best values afforded at the track. With a few different options and sizes, you have the options of displaying your business name in front of the grandstands, on the back of the grandstands facing concessions and the gate, or in turn 1 or turn 4. The race announcer will mention your business during every night of racing throughout the season. You must provide a banner or billboard meeting specs. and the track will hang it in the proper place.

Evening Event Sponsorship

One of the most popular and exciting ways for a business to expand their reach is becoming an evening event sponsor. Your business becomes the highlighted promotional sponsor of the evening and is the headline for print, any radio, TV and social media leading up to the event. The speedway announcer will become familiar with your company as he promotes your business throughout the night of racing to inform the fans of your products or services.  Included on this exciting night will be; A VIP TOWER BOOTH, victory lane photos with the winning drivers, 10 passes for the event and souvenir programs for your whole team.